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Communication = Awareness. An Overview of the LaGuardia Redevelopment Safety Program

12 Mar 2019
  • Safety professionals strive to be proactive and struggle to find methods that apply to a wide range of project scopes.  Heightened awareness is the key to a proactive safety culture and to achieve heightened awareness communication must be not only fluid but accurate.  This involves participation and transparency by all stakeholders involved in the operation. At LGA there are numerous stakeholders with varying responsibilities and confusion can occur if construction or aviation jargon is used without context.  Our program standardizes nomenclature and trains all stakeholders on the hazards and emergency procedures specific to LGA

  • Project scope and phasing overview detailing the amount of work and challenges faced while building a multibillion-dollar airport on top of a fully functioning airport.  Also discuss the various project stakeholders such as LaGuardia gateway Partners, Delta, Skanska-Walsh Joint Venture and the interaction and communication between all entities to ensure traffic is controlled and coordinated.

  • LGA Safety Program overview, the LGA Safety Team make up and the 24 hour/7day a week schedule to provide oversight of ongoing work.  Notification procedures such as the Preliminary Incident Notification (PIN) and email address that reaches a predetermined copy line to notify them of an incident, and the LGA Safety Hotline a phone number distributed to project stakeholders that rings each member of the LGA Safety Team’s phones until someone answers.

  • Training for project personnel and emergency responders.  Present Sidewide Safety Map that is constructed from each project team’s input of site entrance/exit locations and gate names, haul roads within sites, shanty areas, onsite medical facilities, badging offices and other points of interest.  Also discuss and show photos of attendance of Port Authority Police roll calls to present information to LGA’s police force to ensure efficient response to incidents.

Mike Gobbo, LGA Construction Safety Manager - Port Authority of New York and New Jersey