October 01, 2021

Breakthrough Cloud Technology Facilitates The Automation of Setup, Security, And Real-Time Synchronization Across Best-In-Class AEC/O Project Management Systems

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Breakthrough Cloud Technology Facilitates The Automation of Setup, Security, And Real-Time Synchronization Across Best-In-Class AEC/O Project Management Systems
ProjectReady Launches New Construction Project Information Management Software Solution, ProjectReady Central

Advancements in project information management have rapidly empowered AECO leaders to embrace solutions designed to improve efficiency and facilitate collaboration, all while driving down ineffective project management practices. In the spirit of promoting continued advancement of digital construction, ProjectReady, a leading construction management software and collaboration company, has partnered with those on the front lines to develop an innovative solution that addresses core industry challenges. ProjectReady’s newest offering, ProjectReady Central, zeros in on the stand-alone foundational core that ultimately fuels the company’s full-scale Enterprise solution. In doing so, ProjectReady Central eliminates platform-based boundaries to facilitate real-time, secure, user-friendly collaboration at every phase of a construction project’s life cycle – allowing all companies of all sizes to realize sustainable, scalable growth at a time when they are expected to do more with less.

ProjectReady Central removes the overhead, time, and risk associated with setting up, securing, and synchronizing data across leading common data environments.

Effective management of any construction project requires each team member to have up-to-the-minute information. As pioneers in the synchronization of best-in-class cloud-based AEC/O solutions, ProjectReady has developed the most intuitive, user-friendly PIM platform on the market today. ProjectReady Central eliminates the known barriers associated with traditional methods of transferring data and introduces a faster, more secure way to transfer, organize, and archive project files of any size across an ever-expanding portfolio of essential programs, such as Outlook, SharePoint, BIM 360, Procore, and Box.

“A lot of customer conversations, demonstration, and critiques went into the development of this product, but the effort was completely worth it. We believe we’ve found the solution the AEC/O has been looking for – the ability to easily setup, secure, and sync content,” said Joseph Giegerich, President and CEO of ProjectReady. “We’re lowering the barrier for entry and giving companies a more comprehensive information management solution while empowering them to scale up their document control and project management capabilities when the time is right.”

Simplifying Project Information Management

ProjectReady Central puts users in control of core management functions, including the ability to:

  • Automate the setup, connection, security and governance across the industry’s most trusted project management software.
  • Facilitate the synchronization and searchability of content across an ever-expanding portfolio of essential AEC/O platforms.
  • Access advanced document control and project management capabilities when appropriate.

ProjectReady Central empowers end-users to roll out new projects in minutes, not days, with the peace of mind of knowing that, even as team members come and go, the project remains secure from ideation to completion. By driving process over platform to facilitate a secure, fully synced project information management solution, ProjectReady Central sets the stage for companies that are looking to embrace more mature document control and project management solutions over time while continuing to promote continued growth in the construction and infrastructure space.

To learn more about ProjectReady Central, visit www.project-ready.com/central. For additional information related to ProjectReady Central, call 914.301.7699 or email info@project-ready.com.

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