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Capitol Electronics, Inc.

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Capitol Electronics, Inc.

CMCE Lightning Prevention inhibits the formation of lightning over a protected structure through deionization. The CMCE Device absorbs excess negative and positive charges, converts them to harmless milliamps that are diverted away from the protected structure through grounding. The Device runs constantly and does not need power to operate. Installed 6 feet above the highest point of a structure, weighing 14 pounds. Installation is simple and each device protects a 120 meter radius.

With more than 9,000 customers worldwide, builders are saving 30-40% on lightning protection for new development projects. Traditional lightning rods are more than 270 years old and attract lightning to a structure, often causing fires. Lightning prevention eliminates lightning strikes by diverting them away from the protected structure. A ten year manufacturer warranty and zero reported strikes on any CMCE protected structure, the way of the future for lightning protection is CMCE.

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