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Insurance Policy

As an exhibitor of New York Build, you are required to submit your insurance certificate no later than December 31 2022. Please see below for the full conditions as stipulated in your booking contract. 

Insurance Terms

If you do not have insurance, or you would rather not use your own insurance, (similar to when you rent a car – so that claims would not be filed against your policy), we have set up a program with Rainprotection Insurance through which you can purchase compliant insurance instantly online for only $94.

Click the link below to purchase your Liability Insurance from Rainprotection:

As a standard requirement for all our show exhibitors, it is necessary for you to carry general liability coverage from an insurance company in good standing with minimum policy limits of $1,000,000 per occurrence and $2,000,000 aggregate. Insurance Coverage is not optional.

This insurance must be in force during the lease dates of the event, March 6-10 2023, naming Oliver Kinross Ltd. (PO Box 2952, New York, NY 10163) as the certificate holder. The following must be named as additional insured: Oliver Kinross Ltd. and their agents, trustees, officers, board members and employees and New York Convention Center Operating Corporation (Licensor), State of New York, the New York Convention Center Development Corporation, the New York State Urban Development Corporation d.b.a. Empire State Development, the Triborough Bridge and Tunnel Authority and their respective boards of directors, officers, agents and employees.


New York Build has requested that Rainprotection serve as their insurance management organization. In addition to being able to provide exhibitors with insurance, Rainprotection are also collecting and verifying that all insurance certificates, regardless of the insurer, are verified for compliance. Benefits of using this program:

• No Deductible – unlike your corporate policy, Rainprotection’s policy has no deductible. Should there be a claim, you will have no out of pocket costs and your future rates will not go up since you would not need to submit a claim on your policy.

• No Hassles – you will not need to go back and forth with your broker adding additional insureds and making your insurance compliant with show requirements

• Coverage for exhibitors who do not have an existing policy

• Coverage for international exhibitors whose insurance will not cover them in the U.S.A.

• Easy and Inexpensive to purchase instantly online

• Already pre-filled with all the proper show information.

• Submitted to show management for you - Once purchased, they automatically receive a copy



When filling in your organization information it will ask for a phone number and address. Please use the following:

Address - 655 West 34th Street, New York City, New York 10001



There are a number of exhibitors whose show insurance is being organized by Oliver Kinross Ltd. as stipulated at the time of booking. Please discard this page and any reminders you may see in the e-zone if this applies to you. 

If you would like Oliver Kinross Ltd. to organize your policy on your behalf, please contact your account manager.


After reading the above information, if you still decide to use your own insurance, please make it compliant and then submit a copy to:


Phone Number - (800) 528-7975

Rainprotection is an Authorized Official Insurance Supplier for New York Build.


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