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The World’s First Roadshow For Sponsorship And Investment Opportunities Of New Skyscrapers, Stadiums And Arenas Around The World

About New York Build and it’s Organizers Oliver Kinross Ltd

New York Build is a leading built environment show taking place at the world famous Javits Center in New York.

New York Build is organized by Oliver Kinross Ltd and forms part of their renowned BUILD portfolio of events. The portfolio includes large-scale built environment events for London, Chicago, Sydney, Scotland and New Zealand.

Oliver Kinross events are attended each year by tens of thousands of property developers, landlords, contractors, architects, planning officers and investors involved in construction projects around the world.

Furthermore, through business events it has hosted in other markets outside of construction, Oliver Kinross Ltd is in a privileged position to have worked with many of the world’s premier organizations and brands in sectors as diverse as tech, retail, energy, and banking to name but a few.


A Global Skyscraper Construction Boom

Skyscrapers divide public opinion. Some people love skyscrapers and are enchanted by the impact, allure and dominance they can majestically impose upon a city’s skyline. Whereas some people dislike and even fear the way skyscrapers can so markedly, rapidly and permanently change the aesthetics and character of a city; often obscuring historical or familiar views that have preceded it for centuries.

Whatever your views on skyscrapers, there is no escaping the fact that the world is experiencing an unprecedented new skyscraper boom. Across the world, skyscrapers are being built at a faster rate than ever before, incorporating new and often brave architectural styles, at record breaking new heights.

As the global population continues to soar and urbanization rates increase, the skyscraper boom in our cities is unlikely to slow down. Building at altitude is set to increasingly become a necessity for urban planners and in most cases is far from just an elaborate display of decadence.

The identity of major cities around the world will very much be characterized by their skyscrapers in the years ahead.


Sponsoring of Skyscrapers and Major Buildings

Skyscraper Roadshow

The sponsorship of buildings and the granting of naming rights is an incredibly powerful opportunity for any brand brave and successful enough to venture into this disruptive form of advertising.

Some of the most well-known examples of building sponsorship are the Salesforce towers in San Francisco, Paris and London; the O2 in London and the Emirates Stadium in London to name but a few.

The opportunities that securing naming rights of an iconic building in a major city can bring to a brand are unrivalled.

Sponsorship of a building enables a brand to quite literally put themselves on the world map and to insert themselves within the vocabulary; the consciousness; the skyline and the daily lives of a city’s inhabitants.

Very few other forms of sponsorship or advertising could ever rival the impact of sponsoring an iconic and major building. Whilst sponsorship of the Super Bowl or World Cup finals might be seen by many as the crème de la crème of prestige for a brand, sporting matches last but a few short hours and then get buried in history; skyscrapers are going nowhere and will dominate our skylines for many years to come.


How Can Brands Sponsor or Secure Naming Rights to a Building?

Securing naming rights of a building can be a complex process and until now there have been no clear or effective channels aimed at facilitating the whole process on a global scale.

Sponsoring a building entails a mutually beneficial agreement to be negotiated between a willing landlord and a brand. There are a lot of considerations that both parties in any discussion need to consider. Deals between the two parties may or may not include the lease of office space within the building and any wide range of other requirements, terms and brand guidelines. Landlords in particular have a wide range of issues to consider, such as the implications for attracting certain tenants once a building has been branded, reputational issues and other protective guidelines.

Depending upon where the building is located, any naming of a building will most likely be subject to regulations or could entail approval by Planning Officers. The regulations surrounding naming rights can vary enormously between countries around the world and can even vary significantly between local authorities within the same city. For instance, in some jurisdictions the naming of a building requires a certain level of office space to be taken within a building. Whereas in some jurisdictions no such legislation exists, and buildings can essentially be used as adverts without the need to become a tenant of the building. The naming of stadiums and arenas are less frequently subject to the same type of regulation as office buildings, but pricing for naming rights can differ.

Contracts for sponsorship and/or naming rights of a building can naturally be complex. It is imperative to receive sound advice from advisors and law firms with experience of this fascinating field.


What Happens at the Skyscraper Sponsorship & Investment Roadshow?

Skyscraper Construction

The Skyscraper Sponsorship & Investment Roadshow takes place at New York Build at the Javits Center in Manhattan and will take place in London and Chicago later in 2019.

The roadshow will feature a wide range of introductory talks from landlords and developers of skyscrapers, stadiums and arenas around the world. They will each discuss sponsorship and naming rights opportunities.

Sponsorship opportunities will be presented for buildings in a diverse range of countries across North America, Europe and Asia, including for both completed buildings and new developments.

To ensure an incredible range of opportunities at the roadshow, sponsorship opportunities from as wide a price range as possible will be presented. Furthermore, opportunities will be presented that require minimum barriers to entry, for instance where office space or tenancy is not required in the building.

Also on hand at the roadshow will be sponsorship experts and experienced law firms giving presentations and advice to those interested in building sponsorship. Brokerage services are also available post-show.

The roadshow will additionally feature presentations regarding investment opportunities in the world's most iconic new skyscraper projects with attendance from pre-qualified global investors.

Tickets are free to attend the Skyscraper Sponsorship & Investment Roadshow however attendance is subject to invite only. Any organization looking to be considered for invite can do so by emailing in confidence: