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Aaron Bridwell

Aaron Bridwell

BIM Data Expert/Strategist, Invicara

LOGIOFor more than 20 years, AJ has practiced and helped define the principles of Building Information Modeling – starting with Intergraph PDS to today’s more modern BIM authoring platforms.  
He was the virtual construction manager for the largest single BIM project for the US Department of Defense, a 2.2 million square foot office complex that was fully modeled in BIM to LOD 500.  The project data was directly ported from BIM to operations and maintenance platforms.  AJ brings a global perspective on BIM - having worked on projects and implemented BIM practices in over 20 countries.
Skills and Experience: Based on years of “in the trenches” experience, AJ has a deep understanding of both CAD and BIM tools and AEC workflows from early design through project delivery.  He also understands the complexity and challenges presented in leveraging BIM for better collaboration between diverse project team members.
Prior to Invicara, AJ was the product development manager for YouBIM, a cloud-based facility management solution that leveraged both geometry and data from multiple BIM platforms.  The hosted geometry and extended data could then be connected to other Facility management platforms such as IBM Maximo, ARCHIBUS or other tools
AJ has worked as a BIM project manager and consultant on a wide range of projects.  His project experience includes ground-breaking work on multi-million square foot facilities with complex requirements for BIM data. He has helped a number of owners establish and understand BIM requirements for direct handover to FM and CAFM/CMMS tools.