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Sara Ngan

Sara Ngan

Senior Associate, FXCollaborative Architects LLP

Sara starts each project by considering the totality of people's experience—from the street, entering a building, and within each room. Adept at a full range of projects—from large multi-family residential buildings and landmark building conversions to interior office design—she uses knowledge gained from one project to enhance the development of another, enabling her to respond dynamically to each client's professional needs.

Family in the real estate development business as well as an interest in art, mathematics, and physics naturally led to Sara's pursuing a degree in architecture at Carnegie Mellon University. A woodworking class opened her eyes to how an object gets put together; seeing how every element factors into the whole was a small-scale insight that resonates even today.

She sees the architect's role transitioning from being purely a building designer to an advocate for sustainability, from incorporating environmental measures to being instrumental in the development of new building codes. And as more female architects join the forefront of the field, Sara recognizes this as another important shift in an ever-more forward-thinking profession, an investment that will inspire and build confidence in the future.

Sara was project architect of The Greenwich Lane, a large luxury condominium project in Greenwich Village and is currently overseeing the fit-out of FXCollaborative's new offices at 1 Willoughby Square in Brooklyn. She is also co-chair of FXWomen, FXCollaborative’s women’s advocacy employee resource group.